Eco Friendly Travel Tips

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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Travel often comes with its share of checklist have-tos. But sometimes it takes a designated moment such as Earth Day to recenter ourselves and remind us that should-dos can be obtained with limited effort. Making time today will make for sustained adventures tomorrow.

Just a few simple travel reminders to give our planet a break:

  1. Alternative transportation – have short distances between tourist, shopping and dining destinations? Put the brakes on shared transportation and consider walking or renting bicycles. Even rollerblades are making a comeback!

  2. Don’t be a litter bug. This phrase will always be in style. There is no excuse for leaving trash behind. Pick up after yourself…or even others if you see something that is easy and safe to throw out.

  3. Staycation, baby. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til you’ve…gone…somewhere else. Consider at least one trip per year where you explore nearby parks and sights.

  4. Respect the landscape and plant life – don’t tromp on beauty, rip out indigenous flowers for a social media post, or carve your initials into history.

  5. Seek out eco-conscious travel agents, accommodation providers, and tour operators.

  6. Be energy conscious and be mindful of liberal air conditioning and heat usage. Dim the lights…sit under the moonlight. Breathe.

  7. Ditch the one-use plastic containers. So many other fun options to showcase your personality.

  8. Do your part to conserve water. Yes, your bath towel and even fave outfit can be used multiple times before washing.

  9. Please don’t feed the animals. They play an integral role within their specific environment and inappropriate human interaction can harm them and even send them packing to another unfamiliar location.

  10. Respect yourself and others. Always.

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